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Welcome to Able Me

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

A child-centered approach to help your child grow to be their best self!



Layna Lovelady, MS, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Layna is the owner and occupational therapist at Able Me! She loves serving children with disabilities, differences and special needs in the Birmingham area.

Therapy should be challenging and rewarding, but most importantly, it should be fun! Children are able to learn and grow when they are in a fun, joyful and uplifting environment.

Children at Able Me feel safe.  They feel seen. They feel challenged, and it's there that they can be their best selves.


Get to know more on the About Me page. Click the button below to contact.


One-on-one pediatric occupational therapy services



Whether your child already has a diagnosis from a pediatrician or psychologist, or if you just have some concerns about meeting developmental milestones or school readiness, an evaluation is the first place to start.


Weekly occupational therapy sessions can improve your child's independence and function in daily life. Each session is tailored to your child's interests using research-based strategies.

Why should my child see an OT?

Common Diagnoses:

* Developmental Delay
* Hypotonia
* Down Syndrome
* Handwriting / Cursive Difficulties
* Sensory Processing Disorder
* Pervasive Developmental Disorder
* Autism Spectrum Disorder
* Picky Eating
* Learning Disabilities
* Regulatory Disorder

Helping to develop:

* Fine and gross motor skills
* Sensory integration and processing
* Coordination and balance
* Self-Care and self-regulation of behavior
* School performance
* Feeding therapy
* A child’s independence
* Social and emotional engagement
* Emotional well-being
* Self-esteem and self-confidence

There are many reasons that a child may benefit from occupational therapy services! You might have concerns about your child's development and want a professional opinion or maybe your child has a formal diagnosis from a pediatrician. Able Me is here to walk through all steps with your family!

Where are you located?

Able Me is located in the Bluff Park area of Birmingham, AL.

The space is located right next to Wild Roast Cafe so parents can grab a coffee or hop on a call while your child receives OT services!

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